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Buying a new set of tyres isn’t the most exciting thing, we’ll admit. It’s not like shopping for the latest gaming console or a bottle of whiskey from a small Tasmanian distillery. We buy tyres because we need to, which means we tend to look for the cheapest on offer.

So, if you’re due for a new set of tyres and you’re thinking of buying something cheap, here’s our number one tip: DON’T.

Don’t think ‘cheap’; think ‘less’
It’s totally understandable that you don’t want to spend too much on your tyres. And, believe it or not, we support that. But instead of buying cheap tyres, we recommend simply trying to spend less on your tyres. What this means is that you buy tyres that go the distance (pun intended) and you look after them (more on that below).

This means that each set of tyres lasts longer. Fewer replacements equal less money spent. This is far safer and more economical than buying cheap tyres that need to be replaced more often. Cheap tyres are cheap for a reason, and that’s what we’re going to look at next.

The dangers of cheap tyres
We all look to make savings on just about every purchase we make. Sometimes it’s fine to pick the less expensive choice, but that’s not the case when it comes to tyres. Tyres aren’t only designed to get us from A to B; they’re also designed to do so safely. They need to be made from the highest-quality rubber and constructed using the latest technologies.

When you buy cheap tyres, you sacrifice many things. For instance:

They are unsafe. Part of the price of good quality tyres is the rigorous R&D that goes into their safety and development. Cheap tyres are cheap because they often aren’t made to the same standards. The lower price is due to poor-quality materials and construction methods.
It’s dangerous. Naturally, using poorer quality tyres puts you, your passengers and other road users in danger. Cheap tyres don’t grip as well, they don’t stop well, and they don’t handle wet roads well. Cheap financially, but they come at a potentially devastating cost otherwise.
They are expensive. Yes, cheap tyres are cheap up front, but their poor construction and poor quality means they’ll need to be replaced sooner. In other words, they are dearer in the long run.

How to spend less on your tyres
There are two things you need to do to spend less on your tyres:

Buy good quality tyres.
Look after them.
Tyres from reputable brands are built to last, but they need your help. To ensure you get the most out of your tyres and don’t end up replacing them sooner than necessary, do the following:

Make sure the pressure in your tyres is at the right level. Underinflated or overinflated tyres will wear faster and won’t grip the road as well.
Make sure you get a wheel balance and alignment every 10,000 km. Without it, your tyres will wear faster, as will your suspension.
Another thing to do every 10,000 km: have the wheels rotated. Tyres wear at different rates depending on which axle and side they are on. Rotating them means they all wear at the same rate, so you aren’t replacing one or two here and there or replacing the whole set when some of the tyres still have a bit of life.
If you drive a truck or van for work and are consistently carrying heavy loads, make sure the weight is distributed as evenly as possible so all tyres wear at the same rate.
Drive defensively. Aggressive drivers take corners faster and accelerate and brake harder, wearing the tread. They are also more likely to slam into potholes and smash against curbs, damaging tyres and suspension. Slow down and drive calmly – your tyres will appreciate it, and so will your wallet.

Buy the right tyres at Olympia Tyres

If you want to save money on your tyres, swing by Olympia tyres and we’ll pick out the best tyres for your car. Like all the tyres we stock, they’ll be high-quality and designed to last. Trust us – this is the cheaper path. It may be more at the outset, but it’s less money in the long run. From there, it’s up to you: look after them and they’ll look after you and your bank account.

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